Poster Presentation HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

GPM and SRMAtlas  as novel resources for the detection and validation of missing and uncertain proteins: an update (#510)

Amr Elguoshy 1 , Yoshitoshi Hirao 1 , BO Xu 1 , Keiko Yamamoto 1 , Tadashi Yamamoto 1
  1. Niigata University, Japan, Niigata, NIIGATA, Japan

The main goal of the Chromosome -Centeric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP) is the human proteome completion by the discovery of the missing part of human proteome.  According to the recent release of nextprot(2019-01), approximately 16% of all human genes have no or inadequate evidence at protein level.  That are considered as missing (PE2:PE4) and uncertain proteins(PE5). in an attempt toward human proteome completion,  we proposed analyzing the proteome data of other resources (GPM - SRMAtlas) side by side to peptideatlas.  The results of our proposal showed that 51 missing and 4 uncertain proteins were detected in different 43 proteomic studies in GPM b greater than or equal 2 peptides.  Each peptide has length of greater than or equal 9 amino acids.  The newly identified missing proteins in the 43 proteomic studies may be detected due to one or more of the following proposed reasons; 1) The comprehensive analysis of specific tissue or biofluid or cell type (in specific disease or specific developmental stages) , which not investigated yet.  2) the integration of proteome study with pharmacological and other omics studies.  3) the focus on specific proteome interactome or specific family of proteins in large scale manner.  4) the discovery of new methodology or effective combinations of several methodological improvements.  Then, utilizing the SRMAtlas Data To validate the newly identified missing and uncertain proteins from GPM showed that 23 missing and 1 uncertain proteins were validated by greater than or equal 1 peptide according our matching criteria .