Oral Presentation HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Single ion mass spectrometry to measure proteoforms and their complexes with complete molecular specificity (#151)

Jared Kafader 1 , Rafa Melani 1 , Kenneth Durbin 1 , Bon C Ikwuagwu 1 , Bryan Early 1 , Ryan Fellers 1 , Steven Beu 2 , Vlad Zabrouskov 3 , Alexander Makarov 3 , Joshua Maze 3 , Deven Shinholt 3 , Ping Yip 4 , Danielle Tullman-Ercek 1 , Mike Senko 3 , Compton Phil 1 , Neil Kelleher 1
  1. Northwestern University, Evanston, ILLINOIS, United States
  2. S C Beu Consulting, Austin, TX, US
  3. Thermo Fisher, San Jose, CA, US
  4. Neuroscience, Queen Mary Univ. of London, London

A new Orbitrap-based single ion analysis procedure is shown to be possible by determining the direct charge on numerous measurements of individual protein ions to generate true mass spectra (i.e. in the mass, not m/z domain). The deployment of a robust, Orbitrap-based system for high resolution charge detection enables the characterization of highly complicated mixtures of proteoforms and their complexes in both denatured and native modes of operation, revealing information not obtainable by traditional measurement of an ensemble of ions