Oral Presentation HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Human brain proteome draft atlas to understand biological function and reference for brain tumour investigations   (#180)

Sanjeeva Srivastava 1 , Deeptarup Biswas 1
  1. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA, India

Introduction:The human brain is primary organ of CNS. The existing understanding of the neuropathology is hindered by the lack of region-specific brain proteome data. In this study we have made a draft human brain proteome atlas by performing high-resolution mass spectrometry-based proteomics of normal regions of brain and publicly available repositories. Further, brain proteome reference map is used for investigation of gliomas, meningioma and medullblastoma tumors & understanding disease pathobiology.

Materials & Methods: In this study, 13 different regions of the brain and 3 regions of the covering of the brain (meninges) were investigated to provide a region-specific brain proteome map. The data for 12 regions were obtained from publicly available repositories whereas the remaining 4 region data was generated in-house. Further analysis was done in Max Quant and protein list was further matched with HPA dataset. Many region-specific proteins, popular proteins and few missing proteins were identified. Further, normal brain proteome reference map was used for our brain tumour projects on gliomas, meningiomas and medulloblastoma to perform quantitative proteomic-based investigations of these deadly tumours.  

Conclusion: We have made a brain proteome atlas and found that despite being part of the same organ, the various regions and sub regions exhibit distinct differences in protein expression. A region-specific proteomic analysis of these differences provided a region and sub-region based platform for better understanding of protein function and pathways. We also found region-specific unique proteins which can be used as region specific marker. On the other hand, we also found few proteins that belongs to PE2 level missing protein category.Further, normal brain proteome reference map was used for our brain tumour projects on gliomas, meningiomas and medulloblastoma, which has revealed grade-wise protein biomarkers and provided new mechanistic insights of these deadly brain tumors.