Carolina C De La Torre Gómez HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Carolina C De La Torre Gómez

Carolina De La Torre, Ph.D., has studied Bacteriology at the Metropolitan University in Barranquilla (Colombia) and performed her PhD in the neuromuscular research group in Sant Pau hospital by the Barcelona University. There, she developed and applied proteomics techniques to answer the biological question in neuromuscular disorders. She has been working in various proteomic facilities developing and applying cutting-edge quantitative technologies to biomedical questions, with a more recently emerging interest and focus on clinical proteomics. She has reached a key phase in her scientific career, in which has decided to leverage her combined skills in biology and proteomics into further sharpening and developing her personal scientific profile. Currently, she is heading the Proteomics Facility at IDIBELL and the Bellvitge Hospital in Barcelona and she is involving in biomedical and biomarkers discovery projects according with the clinical background education.

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