Javed Akhtar HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Javed Akhtar

Javed is a 3rd year PhD student at ICMR- National Institute of Pathology (NIP), New Delhi. He has received his master’s degree in biotechnology from Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi in 2013. After completing his masters he has worked at Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) as a project JRF for one year on a project entitled “To study the role of HCV proteins in immunoregulation and hepatocarcinogenesis”. He has qualified National examinations like CSIR-JRF 2015, GATE-2015 and TIFR 2014. Recently he got promoted for senior research fellowship (SRF). He attended 8th annual meeting of proteomics society, India (PSI) and 3rd meeting of Asia Oceania Agricultural Proteomics Organizaton (AOAPO) in 2016 held at New Delhi, India. He also attended 3rd National workshop on Advanced Bio-Analytical Techniques-from Method Development to Data Interpretation, in 2018 held at AIIMS, New Delhi, India. He has also presented his work for 7th Sriramachari Yung Scientist Award in 2019 at CSIR-NIP. Currently he is working on gallbladder cancer proteomics. The main focus of his research work is to understand the molecular mechanism of gallbladder cancer development. He is also looking for some potential molecules that may be helpful for detection of gallbladder cancer at early stages. High throughput quantitative proteomic analysis using iTRAQ labeling and detection of Tumor associated antigens using immunoproteomics approach are the key techniques being used in his research work.

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