Pengyuan Yang HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Pengyuan Yang

Dr. PengyuanYANG, a Fudan-Schollarship Professor, in Department of Chemistry, and in School of Basic Medicine of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan Univ. He currently is the Deputy Director of Institutes of BioMedical Sciences, Fudan Univ. He gained his MS degree from the Graduate School of Univ of Science and Technology of China with Prof. Z.M. Ni, and his Ph D degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, with Prof. R.M. Barnes in Analytical Chemistry. He was Postdoc Fellow in Indiana University at Bloomiongton with Prof. G.M. Hieftje, and in Xiamen University with Prof. BL. Huang. Dr. Pengyuan Yang is very active in bio-mass spectrometry for protein analysis, glycoproteomics and disease proteome areas. He was appointed twice as the Principal Scientist, for National 973 Project of “Proteomics for disease study”, and of “Micro-fluidics and its application in chemistry and bio-medicine”, supported by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). He was also the Principal Scientist for National 863 Project of “Instrumentation and reagent for proteomics”, supported by MOST. He was the President of Chinese HUPO and is the Past-President of Chinese HUPO now. Dr. Pengyuan Yang has published a number of scientific papers on many important journals, including Hepatology, Angrew Chem Int Ed., Nature Commun, Anal Chem, Proteomics, J Res Proteome, Mol Cell Proteomics, Adv Mater, and etc

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