Juri Rappsilber HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Juri Rappsilber

Professor at the Wellcome Trust Institute for Cell Biology (University of Edinburgh) and the Institute for Biotechnology (TU Berlin), Juri Rappsilber combines chemistry, biology & informatics to develop qualitative & quantitative mass spectrometry methods. He uses these methods to study protein structure and protein–protein interactions in complex mixtures. This work started as a PhD student with Matthias Mann at EMBL Heidelberg and continued throughout his postdoc with Matthias in Odense. In 2003, Juri started as an independent PI at IFOM Milan. Since 2006, Juri is in Edinburgh and since 2011 also in Berlin. Juri is particularly indebted to the Wellcome Trust for funding his work.

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