Petter Brodin HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Petter Brodin

Petter Brodin is a pediatrician at the Karolinska University Hospital and an associate professor of immunology at the Karolinska Institute, both in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr Brodin is also the director of the National Mass cytometry facility within Sweden's Science for Life Laboratory. Brodin performed postdoctoral training with Mark Davis at Stanford University, School of Medicine in 2012-2013 and developed an interest for the use of Systems-level analyses as a means to advance human immunology. Back in Sweden, the Brodin lab now investigates human immune system variation, the factors that underlie this variation and, in particular the shaping of human immune systems early in life by environmental exposures. The lab is also developing methods for systems-level profiling of immune function in various patient groups to improve clinical decision making and improve clinical outcomes.

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