Paola Roncada HUPO 2019 - 18th Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Paola Roncada

Paola Roncada is currently associate professor at University Magna Græcia of Catanzaro, Italy in microbiology and animal infectious disease. She is the President of Italian Proteomics Association, and she is leading the international initiative Food and Nutrition Proteomics (initiative of BD-HPP and EuPA) She took the Master in Medicinal Chemistry at University of Milano and then the PhD in biochemistry.  Over the years, Paola Roncada  has been particularly dedicated to studies of proteomics, a discipline that she has applied to the study of  milk, of microorganisms in the veterinary public health sector, applying advanced molecular methodologies to the etiopathogenetic and diagnostic study of diseases of medical-veterinary interest, even in animal models. He also applied proteomics by investigating phenotypic adaptations of microbial consortia in complex matrices, both animal and food of animal origin. It has also applied these methodologies in the field of veterinary reproduction and animal production, in the field of allergens and on animal models of diseases. She is involved in different international and national projects, as ERA NET, COST ACTIONS, AND EU KBBE. She is executive editor for Journal of Proteomics, Food Science and Nutrition.

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